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Bolon is based on a unique material and it offers the best of both worlds – a discernible textile feel combined with a long service life and excellent user-friendliness. Our mission is to add architectural and design values to a surface that has traditionally been restricted to standard solutions. It is also our goal to change and lead the market with technical solutions that facilitate and safeguard the investment for our customers.

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Bolon is driven by knowledge and creativity. We literally live and work on the factory floor which is the heart of our production operations. Designs that were not previously possible are now achieved using our unique weaving technology, with effects in patterns and colours that create energetic, dynamic settings. The floors we produce using this technology are not only high-performance and aesthetically pleasing but are also designed for ease of installation and maintenance.

Bolon has been designed as floor covering, however thanks to our inspiring designs and high durability designers have chosen Bolon for floors, walls and ceilings. A Bolon floor can be installed anywhere that would normally have a textile floor. Our collections target different categories of end user, from offices, hotels, educational environments to exclusive boutiques, museums, exhibition spaces or healthcare. Bolon’s floors are certified as meeting all the standards for floor coverings in public buildings.

All our products are designed and manufactured in Sweden, where we have full quality control at every stage of the process, using machines developed and customized for our own production. We have maintained a consistent approach to environmental issues from the very start and we now have an optimum process for the recycling of waste. The majority of our collections qualify for some of the world’s most stringent environmental certifications, including GreenTAG, FloorScore and BREEAM.


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