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I don't just make great mobile responsive websites.

I also create Branding assets for Business cards, Video's, Brochures, Social Media Etc...

Branding Identity

I develop your name, logo, and tagline. Your name is the key that unlocks your brand image in your consumer’s mind. Your logo is the brandmark or symbol that serves as the face of your brand. Your tagline is the memorable phrase that provides consumers with a quick indication of your product, brand, and market position.


Sell Anything whether it be t-shirts in all their shapes and sizes, music files or software. Even affiliated products from a marketplace. It’s all possible. I will help you monetize your website.

Treating people right is fundamental to how I do business.

I treat my customers as I would want to be treated, I treat myself to a good day’s work and a good night’s sleep.  I work Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm Pacific Standard Time.


How much will it cost?


To determine your needs we start with a “One Hour Private Screen Share session” $60

There is no quick answer to the question “How much should a website cost?”  

If you want more features, like complex forms, online bookings, membership etc, you’ll be looking at spending more money. To get the clearest picture of what price range you’re looking out, come and fill in my short form  and me or my Executive assistant Gwen will get back to you with how much you’ll be looking at or schedule another call to discuss your exact needs.

Whatever scope we agree on, I work hard to make sure you come away feeling that you’ve got exceptional value.

If it’s a rush job you can always put down a retainer deposit of $1,200 to get the exact project scope created quickly for Flat pricing or use that deposit to start working ASAP at an Hourly Rate of $85 per hour.

What you need to provide

Let’s start with you filling out a short form  than Gwen will schedule a free introductory 15 minute call to get to know each other and see if we are a fit to do business.

If you need help with writing content, design or photography, let us know and we will make sure your content creation needs are met.

What’s the Process?

Get Started form & Initial Introductory phone call

We will determine if you need us to re-design your existing website or create a new website from scratch.  This is done by filling out this simple Get Started Form ( 2 minutes to complete).  After we receive “the get started form” Gwen will help you schedule a phone or skype call at your convenience to allow Joshua share a screen and visually see your needs while you talk.

Discovery Retainer

We send you a discovery retainer invoice of (1 to 20 hours) depending on the complexity of your project.  We give you and your staff access to a secured 256 bit encrypted  basecamp 3 project and we discover what all your design deliverables are consisting of.  We find out if you have fonts, colors and interface elements that communicate the essence of a visual brand for the web.

Estimate and Project Scope

We create an estimate of cost and a project scope with a start date and an end date to complete your project.  We stay within your budget and work with you and your staff to ensure the best quality of work that suites your needs.  You will be clear what you are getting and what you are not getting. Once you approve the estimate or Proposal and timing and budget are a fit with your needs. We sign a contract and get to work with  a deposit that you can afford.


We create a Design Style Book that includes all the design deliverable consisting of fonts, Logo, colors and interface elements that communicate the essence of your visual brand for the web.


We launch a production server with a temp domain name to build your website using CSS, HTML 5 PHP and SQL to code and make sure all your designs, content , images are functioning as responsive designed and approved content.

Final Approval

Because all our websites are mobile friendly this stage allows you to see your content on, Mobile, Desktop, Tablet and TV (Large screen). You get to approve all pages on all screens to make sure your website looks and functions beautifully.

Go Live

Yay! your website is complete now you can manage and maintain your own website or sign a maintenance contract for us to manage and maintain your website, hosting, analytics etc..  If you choose to manage your website on your own we will make sure you have all the support and training you need for free or with a contract depending on your needs.

 We provide contracts for maintenance, training and support.

We can teach you and your staff how to make updates to your site. We can give you full or limited access to content and images and also show you how to add new pages.  You will also be able write a blog and create custom content. We also provide you with access to videos that will step you through making changes after our training you can watch recording screen shares of our trainings.