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Joshua Bridge Agency (Compassionate Technology)

Your Bridge to Success™

3 must have tools that your businesses can implement today, that will increase sales immediately and cut labor and expenses in half.

Joshua will be opening soon “The Agency”

This new agency is on a mission to provide Quality, Innovation and Experience from the top freelancers to create project teams that exemplify what it means to work with “Professional and Compassionate People”

What is a “Compassionate Technologist” ? A person who understands technology so well they can explain it, implement it and advocate for it, simply and compassionately.  A “Compassionate Technologist” does not learn and use a new piece of software or  hardware because it’s new, innovative or trending.  They use a piece of technology because it works to make PEOPLES lives better and helps them to be more human.

Joshua Bridge the owner and founder of, has been developing web sites and creating web based companies for over 18 years. He founded in 1997. Joshua has consulted for large and small companies such as MeadEstte LauderUCSB (The University of Southern California) The New School (NYC) and many more.  Joshua is very passionate about helping NGO’s and small business.