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location_targetingWe manage Google Adwords for small and medium sized businesses. Our Google PPC Management services provides the following benefits and features.

  • Call Tracking that allows you to see how many calls you receive from the campaign and you can listen to the calls
  • Campaign & Adgroups set up
  • Increase & Optimize account and quality scores getting you more clicks for less money over time
  • Text ad creation, testing, and optimization.
  • Knowledge of 100s of local niche markets and data we have learned from already
  • Saving you time so you can focus on your business
  • Saving you money because your PPC Marketing will be optimized continuously every month to get you a lower cost per click then you would normally
  • Increasing the ROI you would normally get going at it alone or trying to manage it yourself
  • Google Adwords certified professionals and experts taking care of your account

Call us at 805-265-3765 to have us manage your Google Adwords and PPC campaign to get the best results.