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American BaritoneAmerican Baritone, Steven E. Herring, is a native of Washington, DC.  Mr. Herring is a graduate of The Juilliard School.  He is also a graduate of The Duke Ellington School of The Arts.  Steven is a singer whose repertoire spans many musical genres.

Steven Herring is extraordinarily committed to the music of our time, especially the music of American composers.  In the summer of 2010, The Lincoln Center Institute hired Mr. Herring to develop an all American art song recital with performances at Lincoln Center as well as the New York City school system throughout the 2010-2011academic year.

“The songs that make up this program offer a vibrant aural and verbal overview of this art form across four centuries, in the process touching on key moments in American history and culture,” says Althea Lazzaro of The Lincoln Center Institute.

Currently, Mr. Herring is the Baritone love interest in Alicia Hall Moran’s the motown project.  It achieves an utterly fresh take on the layered complexity of African-American music and American cultural identity.  The motown project, with its unique chamber ensemble, engineers the alchemy of Opera and Motown.


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